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Artifacts to support your introspective journey.
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welcome to soul scribe studio!


Whether you are a seeker, traveler, paper lover or simply looking to add more introspection to your daily life, soul scribe is a place where you can connect to your inner voice through beautiful cards delivered to your mailbox.

Soul scribe is a write-upon reflection card that combines the evocative power of nature photography with the scientific benefits of writing things down.


This offering is the culmination of years of studying how to translate intuition into action. It is a gentle nudge to find a moment of stillness and tune into your ideas, dreams and intentions. We’ll supply the inspiration — all you need is a pen!

When you write things down, you make an intuitive commitment to yourself that will shape your life, awaken your spirit and remind you of your inner compass.



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alia, chief soul scribe

Soul scribe was particularly meaningful through a busy time when I felt like I had very few moments to myself — it was instrumental in helping me stay grounded and connected to my heart and dreams.
— Mel F.
I love getting my card in the mail each month! I have benefited so much from the gift of clarity.
— Samantha M.




In 2018, I moved from downtown San Francisco to a grassy two-acre apple farm in Sonoma County, California. This transition involved a lot of slowing down. In my professional life I had spent a ton of time designing experiences for people to step away from their routine, tune in and get clear on their vision. If there’s one thing I was sure of it was that busy people need simple reminders to slow down and listen to their inner voice. I believed there was a way to package this process into something that was both effective and engaging but also visually beautiful.

I turned to my lifelong passions for stationery design and snail mail for the answer. I want to help people reflect in a more traditional way that encourages stepping away from technology and truly quieting the mind.

Soul scribe was born from my belief that there is wisdom to be found in the quiet moments and that receiving monthly snail mail could make that process more joyful





Combining the evocative power of photography with the scientific benefit of writing things down

I love working with individuals or retreat leaders who are looking for reflection cards or other curated artifacts to support their retreat vision and enrich the participant experience. 

Contact me with questions about how I can support you or share your project ideas.

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