Welcome to soul scribe studio!

Whether you are a seeker, traveler, paper lover or simply looking to add more introspection to your daily life, soul scribe is a place where you can connect to your inner voice. I established soul scribe studio in 2018 when I moved from San Francisco to a grassy two-acre apple farm in Sonoma county, California.  This transition involved a lot of slowing down. As a lifelong journal writer and introvert, the blank pages of notebooks have been my trusted confidant and where I do my best thinking. 


My writing took on a new dimension when I started to travel. Whether it was the redwood grove up the road or across the globe, the most life-altering, courage-unearthing, heart-opening moments arrived when I was away from my routine. What I learned is when I wrote my reflections down in memorable places on high quality paper, they stayed with me when I was back home. They reminded me that I had learned something, grown some or set an intention that I did not want to forget. Like a time capsule, these paper keepsakes brought me back to that place or that feeling.  



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